Two Seconds From Paradise.

The two second rule. It’s childishly simple. Moron-proof, one might say.
You drive so as to maintain a minimum of a two second gap between you and the vehcle in front of you. The actual distance varies as a function of your speed, much as your braking distance does.
It is so easy to check how you are performing at any given time. Simply count “zero” as the rear of the vehicle in front passes an identifiable point on the road, then count, in seconds, the length of time it takes you to get to the same point. If you get there before two seconds have elapsed, you are TOO CLOSE to the vehicle in front of you.
Two seconds is for good visibility, dry roads, good conditions. Use four seconds for wet roads and ten seconds for snow or ice.
There is absolutely nothing to be gained by getting any closer. Driving closer uses more fuel, is more tiring, makes you look an ass, and is DANGEROUS.
Back off: you may want to die; I have no desire to join you.


About micklively

Fifty-something, pacifist, six sigma black belt, lean implementer, brewer, vintner, guitarist, wood-turner, and slave to collies.
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5 Responses to Two Seconds From Paradise.

  1. So…didn’t realize Mick had a site. Veddy Intaesting…

  2. and here is a series of video’s to prove your point

    • micklively says:

      Yes, I’ve seen russian dash top camera clips before. There are loads on YouTube. Thankfully, driving in the U.K. isn’t quite that bad (yet).

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