Ed versus Mail

Edward and Ralph at Edis Street 1989
So the furore surrounding the accusation from the Daily Mail that Ed’s dad, Ralph Miliband “hated Britain” drags on. Let me say, I am no fan of either the Mail or Ed Miliband, but this issue has prompted a question that intrigues me. Let us suppose, just for the sake of the argument, that the Mail was correct, that Ralph was a hater of all things British. Ralph has been dead for over nine years, so any damage that he could wreak now, from beyond the grave, would be minimal. So, presumably, the accusation is meant to tell us that Ed is indelibly tainted, through having a Britain hating father, and so rendered unfit to be prime minister? Do we really believe that? Do we believe that the sins of the fathers should be visited upon their children? It makes no sense to me.


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7 Responses to Ed versus Mail

  1. Arkenaten says:

    To demonstrate how much impact this has had on the world…
    Who the hell is Ed. Miliband?

  2. I remember always reading the Daily Mail when I lived on Edgeware Road in London. Did I spell it right? Sins of the fathers sadly will always affect their offspring…it’s just how it is…Look at the Kennedys, but of course in their case, the sons were rogues in their own right egged on my their father.. Interesting post Mick…

    • micklively says:

      I used to travel the Edgeware Road once a month. My second wife’s mother used to live in Peckham. She probably still does. I miss the West Indian cuisine.
      Many thanks for your feedback.

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