The Inkwell’s flash fiction challenge for December is “Twelve Days of Yule”.  I chose #11: Rebirth/Sun.

Scientists had realised that matter and energy were essentially different forms of the same thing for nearly two centuries. Way back in the early twentieth century, Albert Einstein gave e=mc2 to the world, showing the conversion rate between the two. The next hundred and fifty years were seemingly wasted, physicists expending vast resource searching for the unifying formulae that would amalgamate quantum mechanics with general relativity. It was not until early in the twenty-first century that the Higg’s Boson and dark matter were theorised and another thirty years before Marcham discovered the secrets of matter borrowing. Of course, the biggest breakthrough was in 2122, when Eleanor Mistry showed how to take dark matter from dimension five and simultaneously convert it to photons.
Free energy: so long the holy grail of physics. All those decades spent chasing cool fusion were totally unnecessary. It had been, literally, under our noses all along.
The shameful episodes that followed Mistry’s gift to mankind are well documented elsewhere. The religious objections to free energy may seem laughable now, but many thousands lost their lives fighting for equality of opportunity. Similarly, the USA’s attempts to create monopoly control of the technology, were always doomed to failure, once Paco Sanchez showed how to build a DIY converter in any reasonably equipped workshop, but many people suffered during their clampdowns.
Now all that strife is behind us, we have a clean and sustainable planet as our home until the Sun burns out. Our best estimates suggest this is due around five billion years hence, though we understand that we might need to “jump ship” about a billion years before that, when the Sun goes red giant.
How pleasant life is, now all the aspirations of avarice are gone. We compare recent history with the centuries when war was constant, when whole continents were raped and manipulated for their resources, when the haves bled the have-nots dry. It all seems so squalid and greedy in our enlightened times. Thank Eleanor that you live after, and not before, her bequest.


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5 Responses to Energy

  1. Arkenaten says:

    Nice thought. I think oil will run out before this happens and the last energy wars will be over control of those final few drops of Black Gold. We shall see!

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