abraham and isaac

According to Genesis, God asks Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac, in order to test his faith. God then stays Abraham’s hand, so Isaac survives, but not until Abraham has proven that he is willing to go through with the murder.
Abraham is held to be a paragon of virtue because he his prepared to submit to the will of God, against his natural instincts of right and wrong, even unto the murder of his own son, whom he loves.
I am no theologist but I understand that Jews, Christians and Muslims all hold this to be sacred text.
I do not suggest that any of these religions promote murder as their doctrine. I do suggest that lauding those who follow the word of God, before morality, plays right into the hands of jihadists, terrorists, crusaders, conquistadors, birth control clinic bombers, &c.


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4 Responses to Faith

  1. hessd says:

    I understand your distaste for the Abraham/Isaac story. A Jewish friend of mine has withdrawn from participation in her synagogue in protest. On the other hand, if you make “morals” a principal category and “religion” a subordinate category, you have said that morals has to do with our treatment of each other and nothing else. It’s the “and nothing else” part that would bother me.

    • micklively says:

      I am not sure that I quite understand you.
      I think morals are more than how we treat each other. They would cover how we treat animals and the earth too.
      I would make religion subordinate to everything because I think it is worthless. I realise that everyone does not share this view.
      Many thanks for your feedback.

  2. Arkenaten says:

    But you’re just a heathen sinner …. what the hell do you know? 😉

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