Jihadi John

jihadi john

Enough already!

So the security services have discovered the name of the executioner and he’s a Brit. Big deal! There are thousands of Westeners fighting for IS. If butcher Emwazi hadn’t been there, I don’t doubt they would have found another volunteer from within their murderous ranks.  Surely, this is an irrelevant detail?

The real issue is that there is an organization, gaining ground across the Middle East and beyond, who mistakenly believe that it is possible to get folk to agree with them by killing anyone who doesn’t.  It won’t work but it seems a lot of people will get hurt before they learn.


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10 Responses to Jihadi John

  1. I agree with you. His origins don’t matter…it’s about heartlessness not what county he was born in. They scare me so…

  2. Arkenaten says:

    I haven’t been following much of this, as it grtates too much. But I believe it says a lot about the rank cowardice that such individuals feel it necessary to hide their faces.,

    • micklively says:

      I believe that the SAS do the same. We are not permitted to call them cowards. I don’t know Ark: it’s all fucked up. Our killers versus their killers. Is killing someone whilst wearing a mask more cowardly than dropping a bomb? Who are the “good guys” and “bad guys”? I don’t think anyone really knows but we keep on fighting just the same.

      • Arkenaten says:

        Ah… see your point. However, with the SAS their motivation is somewhat different- fear of terrorist reprisal I should imagine.
        With ISIS members, I understood they were fighting for ‘Allah’?

        • micklively says:

          Well, I guess John was masked for fear of reprisals? Now he’s unmasked, I suppose he thinks he’s on his way to paradise. I wonder if Allah approves of John’s methods? It’s probably blasphemy to even ask.

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