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Have a little respect. Plesiosaurs ruled the seas from roughly two hundred and five million years ago until around sixty-six million years ago; that is for one hundred and thirty-nine million years. Compare this with the time of homo sapiens at around two hundred thousand years, or less than two tenths of one percent of the time of the plesiosaur. We have some catching up to do. What chance we will have destroyed all life on this planet before we’ve clocked one hundred and thirty-nine million years?  Laugh and point at the bones. (94)

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27 Responses to Extinct

  1. When I was doing geology we had an assignment where we took rolls of toilet paper with each sheet representing an amount of years (I can’t remember the value) and we rolled out the paper up stairs, along corridors marking the geological ages and what happened when. That really did bring it home to you the small insignificant amount of time we have been around. Sad that we have managed such destruction in that time. Great flash.

    • micklively says:

      The numbers are mind-boggling. It’s easy to see why Joe Public doesn’t understand and thinks of dinosaurs as failures (I know a plesiosaur is not a dinosaur). Many thanks for your feedback.

  2. Dave says:

    Is that you, Ozymandias?

  3. Just a speck in the sands of time…

  4. We humans are but a flash (or maybe a better word is splash) in evolution. Your story makes me feel small and insignificant.

  5. Dear Mick,

    Some disturbing thoughts going on there. I suddenly had a vision of human bones strung together, standing behind velvet ropes in future museums.



  6. Margaret says:

    We’re just a few moments on the world clock. We need to keep that thought in mind. Good ending – I like the cynical tone.

  7. I think the planet will succeed in killing us long before we managed to kill everyone else.. but you are right I never laugh at any dinsoaur

  8. ansumani says:

    Are we overestimating our (human) capabilities to destroy the planet? Sometimes I wonder…

  9. I’m laughing and pointing at the bones 🙂

  10. A good point. So, what’s to do?

  11. gahlearner says:

    This puts things into perspective. Species come and go, Earth remains. Which is, in all its cruelty, an uplifting thought. Great story.

  12. It won’t take that long for us to screw things up. We are good at that…

  13. any1mark66 says:

    Sharks and Nautillis been around before Permian extinction. Of course, one waited two hundred and fifty million years to taste mankind. Good point, well done.

  14. Nice bit of humankind self reflection. Really makes you realise how quickly we can screw things up. The thing is though, if we managed to wipe ourselves up, give it time and the world will correct itself………….hopefully

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