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The lengths folk will go to!
Thirty year release of classified documents fell on GCHQ’s listening post at Little Sai Wan. Jock Kane tried to blow the whistle on security breaches and corruption. He was silenced by threat to his wife Cynthia: “You shut up or she disappears”. It is amazing that the details of this were ever written down and then not expunged before the release.
I found the details. But someone has rolled the archive banks together with me still inside. I hope someone else has innocent need of a document soon, else I might die down here.

PHOTO PROMPT – © Claire Fuller

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43 Responses to Release

  1. Alice Audrey says:

    Some people will go to any length to seal up “security breaches”.

    • micklively says:

      Yes, indeed. And even when it is obvious to all the world, they still persist. Incredible really. Remember Thatcher and the Belgrano? I would have had more respect for her if she’d said “yes, I gave the order”. But getting the Navy to “lose” the log was just a joke.

  2. Not a pleasant way to go. Secrets may remain secrets.

  3. I’m always nervous when I go into the archives, you never know when someone might turn a handle without looking. And maybe it wouldn’t be accidental…

  4. Margaret says:

    Oh, a grim ending for this whistle-blower, it seems. “Someone” was watching. I like the tone of this, Mick. Very entertaining.

  5. gahlearner says:

    What a fate, filed for life. Great story.

  6. Dale says:

    Let us just hope there is enough oxygen in there to last long enough…

  7. Amy Reese says:

    Very well crafted, Mick, and effective, double-layered title. The release of the information force upon him a horrible situation where he needs to be released. That would be terrible, no food to eat but paper. Great story!

  8. I would have a panic attack. I know it looks like a big place but being stuck would
    definitelt freak me out.
    Perhaps, he cpuld make sure everything is in alphabetical order. It can help pass the time. LOL
    Nice take on the photo prompt, Micklively. 😎

  9. rgayer55 says:

    They may find him freshly pressed with creases down both sides. Good one, Mick.

  10. If only they were storing books not documents, think of all the reading you could get done. Nice story

  11. mjlstories says:

    You could eat words until they find you?
    Coincidentally this is my daughter’s solution to avoid instant death by archive squish (as apparently almost happened to Brian in New Tricks) but she hasn’t thought about how to get out. Ring her Mum maybe?

  12. Oh.. the likelihood is slim, the flipside is that there are more secrets to learn before the end

  13. draliman says:

    The life of a whistle-blower is a dangerous one! It’s government archives so he’ll probably be there a while. Nice story!

  14. Sandra says:

    Might be an idea to pass the time drafting out the last will and testament… Nicely done.

  15. Sad. So many secrets and no one to tell it to….

  16. Dear Mick,

    Will his epitaph read “Archived to death?” A well told story. Good job.



  17. Tessa says:

    That was a good one, but I think you are there for the long run.

  18. You’ve been redacted. The world will think it’s an accident. There’s never an innocent need of a document at GCHQ’s listening post at Little Sai Wan. Surely you know that.

  19. dmmacilroy says:

    Dear Micklively,

    Too many secrets…
    A nicely crafted tale. Trapped in the archives. Love it.



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