This may seem trivial to normally sized people, but I actually bought a pair of shoes that fit me on Saturday. I have been searching for nearly two years. I was beginning to think I would have to bear the expense of made-to-measure. We were bimbling around Leicester, when my pulchritudinous wife spotted some shoes in a tailor’s window. The tale was familiar inside: they had nothing to fit me. But then the assistant suggested another shop a little further up Charles Street, saying they kept large sizes. Well, I’ve heard it all before but I decided to give it a go. I am so pleased I did. In a matter of minutes, I had the size, style, colour and quality I was seeking, and at a reasonable price (£160). And the staff made a fuss of Lola and Smudge too. So a big thank you to Blunt’s Shoes: you’ve made me very happy.


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Fifty-something, pacifist, six sigma black belt, lean implementer, brewer, vintner, guitarist, wood-turner, and slave to collies.
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5 Responses to Shoes

  1. Glad you were able to find the right shoe and size. I can understand your plight. My mother had a size 5 shoe. It was quite difficult to find at one time. Now, it’s a bit more common.
    What is the conversion for L160 in American dollars? Thank you !!!

  2. Arkenaten says:

    And I presume they have gained a customer for life?

    • micklively says:

      Well, I’ll probably go back for a black pair, once I’ve saved a bit of money, but I think they may have shot themselves in the foot (?). My new shoes are such good quality, that they are likely to outlive me. A cynic might say they are short of built-in obsolescence.

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