“Complex Situation”


Is this Michael Fallon diplomo-speak for “we don’t want to tell you the real reason we’re getting involved in this war”?


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8 Responses to “Complex Situation”

  1. Arkenaten says:

    Are the Brits getting involved in Syria?
    I don’t watch or read international news anymore.
    Is this for real, Mick?

    • micklively says:

      They’re thumbing their noses at Putin. I think we’re organising WWIII. Maybe now is a good time to catch up on international news again?

      • Arkenaten says:

        You’re kidding?
        My folks have said zip and I follow several mates on FB who are silent on this?
        Tish Farrell has said nothing and I read her all the time.
        Is it really getting that ”hot”?

        • micklively says:

          The US and Russia are supposedly allies in the war on terror i.e. anti ISIS and Al Qaeda. But the US are intent on regime change (i.e. get rid of long-time Russian and Soviet ally Bashar Al-Assad) and the Russians are bombing US supported anti-government rebels. Russian strike aircraft have already “strayed” into Turkish airspace and they’re launching cruise missiles from their Caspian Sea fleet.
          Disaster imminent!

          • Arkenaten says:

            So, this shaping up to be a sort of Vietnam scenario?
            Has Russia and ”advisers” on the ground?

            • micklively says:

              I don’t know. I would guess that both sides are trying to leave nothing to chance. There is talk of Russia “updating” Syrian armaments but that could be just Western spin. One big problem the US/EU face is that Al-Bashar actually looks to be an option of interest, when compared to ISIS.
              Meanwhile, they’re all still rowing about the Crimea and the Palestinian intifada seems about to reignite. What a mess.

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