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Dennis ground out a meagre living, selling burgers from his caravan. Then the drug dealers decided he should work for them. Synergy merger they said. But Dennis knew what they meant by merger and said no. That took real guts.
They left him in the car-park, near to his caravan, and even nearer to his guts. People walked by blinkered; the world rolled on; and the rain washed his blood away. (71)

PHOTO PROMPT -© Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

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Fifty-something, pacifist, six sigma black belt, lean implementer, brewer, vintner, guitarist, wood-turner, and slave to collies.
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35 Responses to Guts

  1. Ew, Mick. Good story. This would be a great hook for a crime thriller novel. Great description to say the least. Well done. —- Suzanne

  2. Yikes! Good story; I enjoyed the grim twist.

  3. Amy Reese says:

    I enjoyed it took guts and the actual guts connection. Cleverly done. Oh, I feel bad for the guy. He had such good intentions. Great piece, Mick.

  4. gahlearner says:

    Very dark. This is a mental image not so easily washed away.

  5. Corina says:

    I enjoyed this one. Graphic ending and all!

  6. draliman says:

    Nice gory image :-). Poor Dennis, he never really stood a chance. I like the metaphorical and literal use of “guts”.

  7. Pretty gritty stuff. And too close to real life. Well done.

  8. Pretty dark! (I had a murder story, as well!)
    Love your gritty realism, different perspectives and narrative voices in all three stories.

  9. Not very nice people are they?

  10. I think it takes guts got another meaning.

  11. Nisarg Jani says:

    it reminded me a song called “The Minstrel Boy”, it goes like..
    And said “No chains shall sully thee,
    Thou soul of love and bravery!
    Thy songs were made for the pure and free
    They shall never sound in slavery

    a moving story.

  12. Gosh! At least he died holding on to his convictions. Very graphic end.

  13. Graham Lawrence says:

    That is true grimness! Nice precise writing.

  14. Dear Mick,

    Eeeeeeeeeew! That’s going to leave a nasty mental image.



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