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New World Order

We’ve been betrayed. We’ve been sold an idea that is utterly without merit, yet we’re so steeped in the idea, we’ve lost the ability to see beyond it. Our politics, our economics, our social structures and our religions are not … Continue reading

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Rochelle sets us a one hundred word flash fiction challenge, prompted by a photo, every week. Dear Catherine, First of all, many thanks for serving as Regent, whilst I was in France, and also for your Battle of Flodden input. … Continue reading

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Power At Any Price?

The leadership contest has the Labour Party navel gazing again. It seems to me, the questions posed are much the same now as they were forty-odd years ago, when I first started watching. Should you do what is right, or … Continue reading

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Spend £1.2 Billion?

It’s a lot of years since I was last at Stonehenge but I have quite fond memories of my visit. I think it is a national treasure worthy of preservation. I hear tell there are plans to put the trunk … Continue reading

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Poppies and Peace

British wars, since 11/11/1918: Russian civil war Turkish war of independence Third Anglo-Afghan war Irish war of independence Somaliland Iraq revolution Palestine revolt Zionist revolt World War II Indonesian national revolt Greek civil war Vietnam Malaya Korea Suez Kenya Cyprus … Continue reading

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Remember or Learn?

Armistice Day approaches again. Folk all over the world will be wearing poppies and standing for a moment’s silence. I ask: is it time to review this practice? Have these acts of remembrance brought peace or dissuaded us from sending … Continue reading

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I have resisted the temptation to comment on the Plebgate affair until now. It seems to me that a petty squabble between an MP and the police at the gates of Downing Street is not really worth a mention. But … Continue reading

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