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The Way Back

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields sets a flash-fiction challenge each Friday.  Create a piece, in one hundred and fifty words, to match the offered picture.  Come and have a go, if you think you’re bard enough! This is my offering: Folk used to … Continue reading

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We’re told that everyone benefits from a free market economy.  I wonder.  Seems akin to saying “we have to let the wolf have the flock, so we can get the pickings off the bones he leaves behind”.

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Rochelle set us a flash fiction challenge each Friday: one hundred words to match the selected picture.  Come and have a go, if you think you’re bard enough. I was tried and gaoled like a criminal, when I should … Continue reading

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Do I want to start blogging again?

The world is such a mess.  Greed, violence and hatred are the overriding imperatives.  When I write, I find myself getting angry and more depressed.  What’s the point?

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Rochelle organises the Friday Fiction one hundred word competition, prompted by a photo, each week: After a spate of nasty traffic accidents and two motorcyclists killed, Lincolnshire police caught the culprits red-handed. Their modus operandi was actually quite clever. … Continue reading

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Rochelle’s weekly one hundred word flash fiction challenge, prompted by the picture: It seemed such a simple, yet clever, idea: find something inconspicuous to use as a snorkel, then swim underwater, past the guard station, to freedom. So here … Continue reading

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Let’s all look after each other…

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