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New World Order

We’ve been betrayed. We’ve been sold an idea that is utterly without merit, yet we’re so steeped in the idea, we’ve lost the ability to see beyond it. Our politics, our economics, our social structures and our religions are not … Continue reading

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Think Hard Before You Vote

Attributing the refugee crisis to Assad, or claiming the majority of civilians who’ve been killed have been killed by his military, comes to us straight from the regime change playbook. We heard the same propaganda in the run up to … Continue reading

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This piece says it better than I ever could:

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Five Million

Rochelle set us a one hundred word flash fiction theme, prompted by a photo, each week.  Why not give it a try? PHOTO PROMPT – © J Hardy Carroll ……….and then the truth hit her. They were weeping over … Continue reading

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Rochelle’s weekly one hundred word flash fiction challenge, prompted by the picture: They made a fuss about anything cuddly. All the tigers and polar bears were dead: in the great scheme of things, it barely mattered. Great swathes of … Continue reading

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There’s a danger inherent in the Dutch crash investigator’s report. The danger is that it’s used to point the finger; to accuse the Russians, as the evidence suggests it was a Russian missile that killed nearly three hundred passengers and … Continue reading

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“Complex Situation”

Is this Michael Fallon diplomo-speak for “we don’t want to tell you the real reason we’re getting involved in this war”?

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