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Think Hard Before You Vote

Attributing the refugee crisis to Assad, or claiming the majority of civilians who’ve been killed have been killed by his military, comes to us straight from the regime change playbook. We heard the same propaganda in the run up to … Continue reading

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This piece says it better than I ever could: http://www.counterpunch.org/2015/11/13/the-age-of-despair-reaping-the-whirlwind-of-western-support-for-extremist-violence/

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“Complex Situation”

Is this Michael Fallon diplomo-speak for “we don’t want to tell you the real reason we’re getting involved in this war”?

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Michael Fallon is seriously suggesting the RAF should be bombing ISIL in Syria. This is crazy talk. How long since the House was outraged by Assad’s use of barrel bombs and chemical weapons against the Arab Spring uprising? Now the … Continue reading

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Jihadi John

Enough already! So the security services have discovered the name of the executioner and he’s a Brit. Big deal! There are thousands of Westeners fighting for IS. If butcher Emwazi hadn’t been there, I don’t doubt they would have found … Continue reading

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My Enemy’s Enemy

…is my friend? We armed the Taliban and Saddam Hussein: look how well that worked out! Now folk are seriously suggesting we should be “co-operating” with al Assad and Iran to quash IS? There’s an old saw that says “a wise … Continue reading

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I wonder how the world will view the present mess in a hundred years’ time, when they’re writing the history books? Will they be writing about an unprecedented use of chemical weapons, prompting a principled stance, on behalf of a … Continue reading

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