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New World Order

We’ve been betrayed. We’ve been sold an idea that is utterly without merit, yet we’re so steeped in the idea, we’ve lost the ability to see beyond it. Our politics, our economics, our social structures and our religions are not … Continue reading

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Rochelle sets us a one hundred word flash fiction challenge, prompted by a photo, every week.  Come and have a go, if you think you’re bard enough. https://rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com/ The lengths folk will go to! Thirty year release of classified documents … Continue reading

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I’m not usually up for corporate events but I was invited to a tour of Lincoln Castle, the Magna Carta vault and prison museum, followed by high tea, yesterday. I had a fine time: most informative and enjoyable. Lincoln Castle … Continue reading

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Power At Any Price?

The leadership contest has the Labour Party navel gazing again. It seems to me, the questions posed are much the same now as they were forty-odd years ago, when I first started watching. Should you do what is right, or … Continue reading

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Jihadi John

Enough already! So the security services have discovered the name of the executioner and he’s a Brit. Big deal! There are thousands of Westeners fighting for IS. If butcher Emwazi hadn’t been there, I don’t doubt they would have found … Continue reading

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Natalie Bennett’s recent faux pas set me thinking. Are we too hung up on party leaders? The Greens stand for the content of their manifesto. I don’t doubt that Natalie had a good deal of input to that manifesto but … Continue reading

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Favourite Tory Myths

When are the Tories going to stop banging on about the economic mess they inherited? For their rhetoric to mean anything, they would have to convince us that they would/could have avoided the economic meltdown. They are unable to do … Continue reading

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